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We at Encompass work with mixed martial artists, boxers, and fighters offering our combat sport clientele a broad range of services, including contract review and negotiation with promotions, sponsorship and endorsement acquisition and management, social media management, fight camp preparation, career planning and much more.

Through our extensive experience in not only the fight world, but also, in representing top level professional athletes

in the MLB and NFL, we are able to merge these worlds together bringing more opportunities to the table for our athletes. We understand the combat sports arena is a highly competitive, extremely dangerous, constantly growing and evolving genre of sports. We want our combats sports clientele to be able to capitalize and maximize on their potential meanwhile having the best chance to have a lengthy and prosperous career.

Additionally, we take care of our clients off the mat,  and out of the ring or cage in their personal lives and after their careers by handling such things as the day-to-day, and setting up business opportunities for life after fighting.

Current Clients

Screenshot 2020-03-02 12.17.44.png

Cosmo Alexandre

  • Nickname: Good Boy

  • Age: 37

  • Weight Class: Welterweight

  • Born: Brazil

  • Pro MMA Record: 8-1-0​

  • Style: Muay Thai

  • YouTube

Kenny Garner

  • Nickname: Deuce

  • Age: 45

  • Weight Class: Heavyweight

  • Born: USA

  • Pro MMA Record: 17-11-0​

  • Style: Street Fighter & BJJ

  • YouTube

Lari Freitas

  • Nickname: N/A

  • Age: 28

  • Born: Brazil

  • Pro Muay Thai Record: 11-5

  • Style: Muay Thai

  • YouTube
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